Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

Why an Association about Robotics?

AssociazioneBecause associations have historically been among the main channels for the transmission of scientific knowledge; this has included associations and societies devoted to Natural Sciences, Astronomy, Archeology or Medicine. The associations have the role of calling the attention of the general public to the work and products of scientific research, spreading information in an understandable but also reliable way.

Because in order to translate scientific discoveries and technological advances into layman's terms, there is a great need for people, from outside of the teams of specialists. who use technology and love science.

Because working with a scientific association is fun. The association is a free space, where everyone can give free play to his or her imagination and creativity through non-conventional activities. Thus, it is the ideal environment for fostering inventions.

Because science and technology evolve so quickly that traditional schools are ill-equipped to keep pace with the march of discovery.

Because to delegate all our responsibilities to the institutions is not correct. On the contrary, it is the civil duty of all of us, scientists, teachers, scientific journalists, laymen, to improve the circulation of good ideas.

Because an association is a quick and manageable instrument, and thus often more productive than heavy centralized bodies suffering from bureaucratic diseases.