Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

The Association

Associazione“Scuola di Robotica” is a non profit cultural association whose aim is to promote the knowledge of the science of Robotics among students, teachers and the general public.It provides for the widest practicable and appropriate dissemination of information concerning the results of the R&D in the field of Robotics and of the complementary disciplines, namely Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology.

The mission of “Scuola di Robotica” is to develop a chain of transmission between research laboratories, education, industry and society at large, because without an effective translation between the language of science and those of other disciplines, communication of science is incomplete.When Robotics will be applied to society in numbers and volumes bigger than today, it will trigger widespread social and economic change, for which public and private policy must now prepared. School of Robotics investigates the ethical dimension of Robotics in collaboration with scholars of several disciplines (Humanities).

“Scuola di Robotica” organises: conferences, classes, videoconferences, documentaries, publications and events, based on the pedagogical principle of “live science”, structured to close the bridge between society – primarily the school - and scientific research in the field of ICT and Robotics.

“Scuola di Robotica” was born from the interdisciplinary association between the know-how in the field of Experimental Robotics achieved by Gianmarco Veruggio and Riccardo Bono of CNR-Robotlab, and the philosophical background, and the experience in the field of Science Communication, achieved by Fiorella Operto.

Moreover “Scuola di Robotica” founders have deep experience of EC Research Projects and of a working philosophy based on the concept of the Virtual Lab made possible by Internet.

This will permit to lead the multidisciplinary working group that will develop the H/W and S/W educational kit and of the specific programs to exploit it within the project.

It is the deep conviction of the founders of “Scuola di Robotica” that Science popularization shall employ new and fresh cultural and communication methods. Not only is Robotics one of the youngest sciences, coming out from the contamination of several other branches of investigation; but the ways to communicate it should be conformed to the new technical and telecommunication means.