Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

Courses and Classes

Corsi e laboratoriThe School of Robotics organises training courses for teachers in many ICT fields applied to educational activities (educational robotics, the digital blackboard, engineering, computer science).

We develop several tools for teachers helping them implemeng robotics projects into today's classrooms. Our tool-models align with the European educational standards, and enhance the development of 21st century skill sets in students.

We also held classes on educational robotics for students K-14.

Because our classes for students range from pre-schooling to college, we have modulated them, developing educational tools and methodology for pre-school kids to teens.

Since 2009, the School of Robotics has been appointed Training Agency by the Italian Ministry for the Education.

The School of Robotics is Regional center of the Roberta, girls discover robot project. Even though Roberta has been designed for girls, its methodology works very well for both girls and boys.

We support the headmaster, the school’s secretary and the teachers in submitting educational robotics projects.

School principals, teachers and students can ask for advise to: Ing. Emanuele Micheli

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