Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

The Dissemination

Since 2000, the School of Robotics is committed to communicate novels and concepts about robotics trying to guarantee the information’s’ soundness and the content’s accuracy.

We know that the scientific communication often has to manage two, sometimes, opposite needs: the bind to be accurate and the urgency to express scientific concepts in popular terms.

While the issue is still deeply debated among communication professionals, we have tried to differentiate the scientific content from its representation, distinguishing the literary representation our society has about robotics - mainly inspired by the literature and the Sci-Fi novels - from the latter's scientific reality.

Because of this commitment, the School of Robotics has often been appointed to lead the Dissemination Packages of some European and National Projects. In the European "Ethicbots" and of the "CARE" projects, we were responsible of respectively the dissemination WP and the ELS (Ethical, legal and Societal) Issues in robotics. In 2007, we were appointed as ICRA 2007's Press Chair (Rome, Italy, 2007) - ICRA being the more important and well-attended international conference on robotics research and applications.

It is in our mission to cooperate and support scientific journalists in their task of communicating robotics’ novels trough the media. At the same time, we are glad to support robotics research centers and laboratories in communicating accurately news about their projects to the media.