Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

The Board of Directors

Scuola di Robotica is run by the Boarding members: Emanuele Micheli, Fiorella Operto, Davide Canepa.

The Boarding Committee avails itself of the collaboration of the Association' s Scientific Committee.

Roboticist Gianmarvo Veruggio served as President of the Scuola di Robotica from 2000 to 2008. Today he is its Honorary President.

Emanuele Micheli, President

Emanuele MicheliDegree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy, in 2004 with a thesis on the modular worm robot. 2005, he has worked as designer for Telerobot, Inc. 2006-2007: responsible the organization of the Robot&School Network originally funded in 2005 by the Italian Ministry for Education. At the end of the fund, he lead the network as responsible for School of Robotics. 2008: leader of the Regional Center of Roberta goes EU European project.







Fiorella Operto, Vice President

Fiorella OpertoEducated in Philosophy, following her studies, she cooperated with an American Magazine and a Publishing House in Washington, D.C. Back home, she started a book series devoted to science dissemination (I Dialoghi, Di Renzo Editore). She has acquired specific experience in science dissemination and popularization, working in collaboration with Scientific Laboratories and Research Centres in Europe and in the United States, starting from the position that research in science and dissemination of scientific knowledge must go hand in hand. Her activity pivots around the use and invention of new means of communicating scientific discoveries and hypothesis to a non specific readership, means mediated through every form of communication (novels, theatre, movies, documentaries, music, adverts), while maintaining the content true and accurate. From 1999 she has co-operated with the CNR-IAN Robotics Department of the National Research Council in Genoa, Italy, promoting the knowledge and understanding of the new science of Robotics. She is the Vice President of the School of Robotics, which she co-founded in 2000.


Davide Canepa, Secretary

Graduated in Electronic in 2008, since then he has collaborated with the School of Robotics in software development and educational robotics. LabVIEW certified for LabVIEW  and robots (2010). He studied the use of Kuka Sim Viewer, Kuka Sim Layout, Kuka Sim Tech, Kuka Sim Pro, KUKA.OfficeLite.  Use of the Inventor software in the full version, with learning of programming and creation of objects and projects through graphic design and creation of 3D objects. Development of robotic applications for marine robots, drones, mobile robots. Development of Apps for iOS. Creation of App courses and programming in Coreograph, Pyton, C++. Advanced use of Arduino and its mobile robot applications; wearable. Head and Italian Ambassador of the NAO Challenge Italia since 2015. Technical manager of the AppThe Island project dedicated to the creation of an App dedicated to Protected Marine Parks in Italy (MedPan foundation). Creation of the BYOR App for iOS (one of the first classified Apple Apps).