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Scuola di Robotica

How you can collaborate with us

If you are interested in collaborating with us

The School of Robotics is living thanks to a network of schools and collaborators, and developing through the Network. For this reason, we ask for and promote the collaboration with institutions and individuals who share our mission all or any part. Sharing knowledge and experiences is the key for the molding and dissemination of a true information.

If you are a teacher or a student

And you are interested to either start an educational robotic project in your school, or to learn more about robotics for your fan, for your future profession, get in touch with us.

School of Robotics assist teachers and students when they would like to start a project. Learning about robotics is interesting from a technical and scientific point of view; from a philosophical one; from robotics, you can trace back the history of the machines and learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s bright intuitions about automation.

We can work together via Skype, email, telephone, and all the ICT communication means.

We can come to your school and you are welcome to visit us.

If you are an institution (a school, a company, a no profit association devoted to the scientific dissemination

We have a strong experience in national and European projects about robotics&society and our Scientific Committee is composed by authorities in many fields, from robotics research to educational methodology.

If you are a nerd or a technofan

Call or write us: you may be one of our volunteers who help us in many instances. You will have a lot of fan!

If you are a foundation, a company or a patron of arts&science

If you are committed to sponsor the scientific education of young people and of society as a whole, you can donate funds to the School of Robotics for a specific project or for our general activity. We can guarantee you a very high return on image and the gratitude of many girls and boys.

In this section of our site you shall found many ways to collaborate with us.

You are welcome!