Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

The Dissemination

Io RobotAlthough many of us have read and heard about robots, have seen them in movies and educational documentaries, and most of us know about their use and applications, the public's concept of robotics is still vague, confused and often wrong. In fact, it is a new and young science, of which people know little - only science fiction writers have dealt at length with robots and their role in future society, and have often forecast future scientific work.

Therefore it is important to develop a widespread accurate and accessible knowledge about Robotics. This endeavor can be carried out through traditional means of communicating ideas, like books, magazines, educational films, conferences; but also through novel ways, like theatre, movies, and art, to say nothing of the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Advertising helps scientific research.Taxpayers will be more willing to pay taxes if they know that their money will be invested in beneficial scientific and technological researches This will help laboratories, which will more readily obtain funds for research which is generally considered useful and important for society. if the general public and stakeholders have the right to be informed and kept up to date, the scientists have a right to have their work be known, respected and well regarded.

Scientific Communication will help students to choose their college and professional career. At the same time, it will increase the pool of young people interested in Robotics and pursuing robotics studies in universities and industry.

It is important to avoid the spread of misconceptions among the general public about the alleged dangers posed by Robotics and its products (as it is to combat ignorance about every other manifestation of scientific and technological progress). On the contrary, by opening a productive debate based on accurate right insights and real knowledge, people could take an active part in the education of public opinion able to comprehend the positive uses of the new technology, and prevent its abuse.