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05/11/2019 - Lectures

Roboethics: A Conference in Turin on 10 November during the Festival of Technology

Roboethics: A Conference in Turin on 10 November during  the Festival of Technology
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The Honorary President of Scuola di Robotica, Gianmarco Veruggio at the Technology Festival in Turin speaking about Roboethics.

Roboetics: a reflection on the ethical, legal and social aspects of robots
Sunday, 10 November 2019 - 11:00 a.m.
Headquarters of the Polytechnic of Turin
Classroom 5, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin
with Marcello Chiaberge, Viola Schiaffonati, Gianmarco Veruggio

Robotics promises to free humanity from fatigue and contribute to a new era of progress, but it also opens up new ethical and social challenges that need to be addressed urgently. From service robots, which will disrupt the labor market, to unmanned cars, which will change the transport model, to end with military robots that will put at risk the very survival of humanity, how to design robots that respect the ethical principles of goodwill, not maleficence, respect for autonomy and justice, even in uncertain contexts? And how to regulate all this, from a legal point of view?

Marcello Chiaberge, Adjunct professor at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Polytechnic of Turin where he deals with electronic systems, mechatronics and service robotics. He is a delegate lecturer for the Master's Degree Course in Mechatronics Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin.
Viola Schiaffonati, Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Politecnico di Milano.
Gianmarco Veruggio, Graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa in 1980. He is the Research Director of the CNR, Head of the Genoa Office of the Institute of Electronics and Information and Telecommunications Engineering (CNR-IEIIT). He designs prototypes of submarine robots and personally guides numerous Scientific Expeditions in the Mediterranean, Antarctic and Arctic. Pioneer of Internet Robotics, in 2002 he explored both poles with an underwater robot controlled by satellite for the first time in the world via the Internet.



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