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12/09/2019 - News, Projects

NAO Challenge 2019-2020: how to promote cultural heritage in Italy?

NAO Challenge 2019-2020: how to promote cultural heritage in Italy?
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The Istat Knowledge Report 2018 presents depressing data on the attendance of cultural heritage by the Italians. The NAO Challenge 2019-2020 wants to improve these data.

"Although it is by far the European country with the most UNESCO sites (and the first in the world ex aequo with China), only one Italian in five visits a cultural site at least once a year. Among the great European countries, no one does worse than us." (From the 'Appeal for the Care of Italy and its Culture, Cultura Italiae.).

Italy is so beautiful!

For the variety of the landscape and the wealth of cultural heritage. Unfortunately, few Italians visit monuments, museums and sites of cultural interest.

Below, the images, more eloquent than words, indicate: the first, the data collected and processed by the "Istat Report on Knowledge 2018", on the attendance of cultural sites in EU countries in 2015. The figures refer to the number of people who have visited a cultural site at least once a year. Italy is among the last four. This figure, if compared with the fact that Italy is, with China ex aequo, the country that hosts the largest number of cultural sites in the world (second image), seems paradoxical.

The NAO Challenge "Art&Cultures" 2019-2020 aims to improve the knowledge of Italian cultural heritage and to encourage more Italians to visit museums, archaeological sites, and cultural sites in general. Will the teams and the boys and girls of the NAO Challenge and a humanoid robot be able to interest even more Italians in our cultural heritage? We think so.



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