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30/07/2019 - News

Bologna, 11 September 2019: School of Robotics and Madlab at Bologna Global Inclusion

Bologna, 11 September 2019: School of Robotics and Madlab at Bologna Global Inclusion
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Scuola di Robotica and Madlab invited to present their inclusive projects at the Global Inclusion event in Bologna.

Global Inclusion is a somewhat special event, dedicated to inclusion understood as the acceptance of differences and the creation of a national ecosystem where diversity is accepted, protected and even encouraged.

WHAT: an event of people trying to implement inclusion in every place and for every activity.

WHERE: Bologna, Parco Fico Italy. How to get there:

WHEN: September 11, 2019, all day long

HOW TO REGISTER: free entrance. Registration required:


At Global Inclusion School of Robotics and Madlab will have a stand dedicated to their inclusive projects.


Here below, the objectives of Global Inclusion directly from the website:

We have taken up the words used by Piero Calamandrei in his famous speech on the Italian Constitution, given in front of young Milanese students on 26 January 1955:

  • "In our Constitution there is an article that is the most important of the whole Constitution, the most challenging. It says: "It is the task of the Republic to remove the obstacles [...] that prevent the full development of the human person". And then you understand from this that our Constitution is, in part, a reality; in part, it is still a program, an ideal, a hope, a commitment, a work to be done: how much work you have to do... how much work lies ahead of you, O young people!"

We decided to launch this event with a full-page announcement in the "Corriere della Sera" (published on 26 February 2019, p. 22):

This is the mission of the Italian Republic. All of us and all of us are the Republic. An open economic system grows when it is based on the will of redemption of women and men who, with their multiple intelligences, experiences and sensitivities, seek happiness through work. Businesses can make a vital contribution to new and substantial equality in opportunities to express talent.

The realization of the event is chaired and supervised by a committee, "The Global Inclusion Committee - Art. 3", of which Newton S.p.A. is the main promoter. The Committee pursues exclusively and not for profit civic, solidarity and social utility purposes as defined in art. 1 of Law no. 106/2016 and subsequent amendments and integrations, and aims to carry out exclusively cultural activities such as public events, seminars, training courses, research, publications, surveys and so on, on the issues of diversity and inclusion.

In line with the cultural transformation that we want to contribute to achieve, we have chosen to contradict a practice and decline, in the statute of the Promoter Committee, each position to the female (usually the positions are male ...) regardless of the gender of those who will hold the position. The effect is surprising and is a small step in the direction of moving a reflection on overcoming our prejudices more or less unaware.



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