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NAO Challenge 2019-2020: already more than 30 pre-registered teams. Pre-registration with discount until August 10

NAO Challenge 2019-2020: already more than 30 pre-registered teams. Pre-registration with discount until August 10
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Deadline for pre-enrolment with discount to August 10 2019: schools that have made the pre-enrolment by August 10 will benefit from a discount of 20 euros on the fee of the first team enrolled.

Deadline for pre-enrolment with 20% discount for the first pre-inserted team until August 10 2019.

There are already more than 30 teams that have pre-enrolled in the NAO Challenge 2019-2020. Hurry up and read your teams.

The NAO Challenge website will soon show the Rules and Regulations

Who can register

Registration is reserved for teams from secondary schools of second degree (high schools), from the first to fifth classes. Each team must be composed of a minimum of three to a maximum of 10 students who do not necessarily have to be of the same class.

To take part in the competition, the school does not need to own NAO.

How to register

1) For teams from schools that own NAOs

The fee to participate in the costs of organization is 150 euros per team and each school can enroll more teams. From the second team registered the price will be discounted 120 euros.

Pre-registration with discount: Schools that pre-register by July 31, 2019 will be able to register all their teams at the discounted price of € 120.


2) For teams from schools that do not have NAO

Participation in teams that do not have NAO provides a pre-selection through the creation of a video presentation. This part of the selection is called PHASE 1.

To register for STEP 1 the registration fee will be 50 euros. For each class or school that enrolls more teams the fee will be 50 euros for each team enrolled.

After STEP 1 the selection will go to STEP 2 which will include the semi-finals and, in case of passage of the round, the access to the National Final. To access STEP 2, each team selected will pay 100 euros.
Phase 2 includes the possibility of testing NAO robots at NAO Hosting. The terms of use of the NAO Hosting will be defined in the race rules that will be published in August

To register click here:



The Nao Challenge is an educational contest for secondary school students. It was organized for the first time in Italy in 2015 by Scuola di Robotica in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics and Campus Store.

The aim of the competition is to increase the knowledge of students in the use of humanoid robotics through the development of software to be used in plausible and plausible situations with the aim of spreading the social potential of service robotics.

Why register

During the competition, students can acquire skills to spend in professional and business areas, including:

    Developing problem-solving, organisational and cooperation skills
    Acquire technical and programming skills.
    Develop creativity and communication skills.
    Discover promising professions and careers.


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