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01/07/2019 - Articles, News

From July 24th to 29th the 'Ustica Plastic Free' event

From July 24th to 29th the 'Ustica Plastic Free' event
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From July 24th to 29th the 'Ustica Plastic Free' event was held in Ustica, organized by 'Uisp Subacquea Nazionale' in collaboration with the Municipality of Ustica. The event was organized to develop cooperation and aggregation through sport and environmental protection.

As part of the event, the School of Robotics participated with the project '3D Ocean' through the organization of eco-swimming and workshops dedicated to 3D printing and plastic recycling. Furthermore, during the final SdR conference, he presented the project to the public.

Eco-snorkeling is a beach clean up event promoted by the School of Robotics with the aim of recovering plastic from the sea in an ethical and fun way. During the event 'Ustica Plastic Free' about 15 kg of plastic were collected by participants in eco-snorkelling. Sad to say, even a protected marine area such as the Usticese area is not immune to marine pollution caused by plastic and waste of human origin.

Thanks to the project '3D Ocean' funded by Costa Crociere Foundation, we have also created workshops dedicated to recycling, in which 35 boys and girls participated.

The project was born with the aim of recovering, recycling and reusing various plastic material - from PET, collected during waste removal activities from the beaches, to nylon of disused fishing nets - to transform them, through 3D printing, into useful objects used to understand the fragility of the marine environment and the importance of its knowledge and protection. We are happy to have succeeded in conveying enthusiasm to these youngsters with the hope that the message on the risk caused by pollution will soon turn into concrete actions to safeguard our planet and our seas.



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