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14/05/2019 - Events, News

Next to Leonardo, in the Wired Next Fest, the Madlab with many humanoid robots.

Next to Leonardo, in the Wired Next Fest, the Madlab with many humanoid robots.
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WHAT: Wired Next Fest WHERE: Indro Montanelli Public Gardens in Milan. WHEN: from 24 to 26 May 2019

Madlab with robot at Wired Next Fest ((

Between robots and virtual reality, 3D printing and space flights is there for all tastes. In addition to a rich gaming area, with lots of games to discover, it will be possible to test yourself firsthand with innovation and touch some of the main drivers of change of the future. Here are some of the activities with which you can try yourself during the three days, going to look for them among the stands set up inside the park.

Alongside Leonardo, in the space of the Wired Lab, there are also the activities of Madlab, an innovative start-up that deals with 3D printing and humanoid robotics. Alongside the interactive workshops on Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorm, Madlab will show its range of humanoid robots to the public, ranging from the most sophisticated Pepper and NAO by Softbank Robotics to the most likable and amusing Aelos and Pando of Leju robotics.

During the 3 days it will be possible to interact directly with Pepper and Nao and play via mobile with Aelos and Pando. The market for humanoid robots is establishing itself in the United States and Japan as one of the fastest growing sectors and sees robots inserted both in business contexts and in the consumer sector for young people and families.


Friday May 24th: morning (WeDo) and afternoon (Mindstorm)
Saturday 25 May: morning (WeDo) and afternoon (Mindstorm)
Sunday 26 May: morning (WeDo) and afternoon (Mindstorm)



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