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09/05/2019 - News, Projects

Genoa, 22 May 2019: RoboTeatro on the island that is there

Genoa, 22 May 2019: RoboTeatro on the island that is there
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The IL CUCCIOLO ONLUS Association in collaboration with the School of Robotics presents the work done during the annual workshop by the host children.

Robotics, dance, and theater are intertwined to give life to a show
where every child on the island who is not there will have to overcome evolutionary adversities, learn to listen, cooperate and respect the other to be able to reach the island that is there and conquer his place as a protagonist in the world .... just fancy or even real?

WHERE: Genoa Pra, San Rocco Church Theater, Piazza Sciesa

WHEN: 22 May 2019, 5:30 pm

WHAT: Il Cucciolo guest boys present their theatrical work

Free admission

Robotics, dance, and theater in favor of inclusion

Genoa, 04/05/2019 - The "IL CUCCIOLO ONLUS" in collaboration with the School of Robotics presents the work done during the annual workshop with children with autism spectrum difficulties and attention deficit and hyperactivity.

The workshop saw dance, theater and robotics intertwined with the aim of staging a show where every boy will have to overcome difficulties and his own fears: he can do it only by listening, sharing, cooperating and respecting others. Only in this way will everyone be able to conquer their own starring role in the real world.
In this laboratory, with the use of technology, the children were urged to design and plan their work, expressing imagination and personal character. This was certainly difficult both for the complexity of the activities themselves and for the cooperative effort required of them.

Each participant in the laboratory, therapists, and children, gave himself a fancy name: the boys were invited to observe the physical and personal characteristics of others, so as to identify themselves better. In fact, with this project, we try to develop in our children social skills such as listening, respect for the shift, scanning of activities, all skills that are useful in the world.
The boys then talked about their fears: the darkness, the loneliness, the fear that their parents no longer wish them well and also cited more "childish" fears, such as monsters. We hope that thanks to these group paths the children will be able to acquire greater mastery of themselves and more ready skills necessary to face the difficulties.
For every fear, together with our dance-movement therapist, we created an action, a dance, a song, a dramatization that could overcome the obstacle. Even in these situations, there has always been a lot of work on the need for cooperation and mutual help.
Educational robotics is inserted in the most traditional activities in an excellent way and often the boys have shown themselves happy to alternate robotics activities with moments of dance and theater.
Surely this path has represented a good challenge for our team, both for the heterogeneity of the group of boys and for the insertion of robotics within a more traditional health vision. The message that this project wants to promote in everyone, children, and parents, is to "launch" into life as protagonists, each with its own baggage of attention to the other and ability to cooperate in view of a common project.
The annual project will conclude with a real theatrical show staged by the kids of the workshop on May 22nd 2019. Obviously you are all invited!
The event is sponsored by the Municipality VII Ponente - Municipality of Genoa.

The "Il Cucciolo" Center, of Genoa Voltri, deals with the prevention and rehabilitation of the developmental age with particular attention to the emotional, neuropsychological and behavioral difficulties of development. It carries out consultancy, support and training courses aimed at the families of the children followed by sharing the rehabilitation project with teachers, pediatricians, socio-educational and sports facilities and with the families themselves.



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