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07/03/2019 - Projects

Italian Robotics Olympics: 100 tems already registered

Italian Robotics Olympics: 100 tems already registered
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At the coming Italian Robotics Olympics, taking place in Genoa, Italy, 29th-31st of March 2019, participants will have the chance to follow robotics laboratories and other fantastic experiments with Augmented Reality.

CHE COSA School of Robotics, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University, is organizing the fifht edition of the Italian Robotics Olympics where teams from Italian secondary schools will be called to present their robots working in ground, air and water environments.

Participation is free. This competition aim is to foster and incourage students to use educational robotics to sustain STEM learning.

WHERE: Genova Nervi, Scuola Collegio Emiliani (on the shore)

WHEN: 29 - 31 of March 2019

WEBSITE: (in Italian)

In addition to the patronage and sponsorship of the Ministry, the Italian Robotics Olympics obtained the following sponsorships and patronages:

Costa Crociere Foundation sponsored three days courses on its project £d Ocean, aimed to promote awarness about the issues of plasticis pollution of the Ocean. See

Fiftt Ingenium company will offer laboratories with Augmented Reality with their Hololens

The European Robotics League of euRobotics is Partner of the Italian Robotics Olympics  ( and WIRED magazine Italy is the media partner.

Patronages of:

  • the CNR (Consiglio Nazionle delle Ricerche)
  • the Liguria Regione
  • The Genoa Municipality
  • AICA, Associazione Italiana per il Calcolo Automatico
  • ANIPLA (Associazione Nazionale Italiana per l'Automazione)
  • Olimpiadi Italiane di Informatica
  • SIRI (Associazione Italiana di Robotica e Automazione).

   The whole Program of the activities during the three days of the Italian Robotics Olympics  will be publicized on our site, here and on Eventbrite.

   Program in short:

  • March 29th, Inauguration
  • March 30th contests and courses. At the evening: short talks, a theater performance with humans and robots.
  • March 31st courses and laboratories



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