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18/03/2018 - Lectures, News

Rome, 21 march 2018: Gianmarco Veruggio at Meet the Media Guru

Rome, 21 march 2018: Gianmarco Veruggio at Meet the Media Guru
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The Honorary President of the Robotics School in Rome on March 21, 2018: the challenges of Artificial Intelligence. What skills to live and survive in a future of robots, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

WHAT: seminar on "Artificial Intelligence. Opportunities and challenges for citizens and administrations"

WHO: organized by Meet the Media Guru in collaboration with Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

WHERE: Roma, WEGIL, largo Ascianghi 5, Trastevere

WHEN: 21 March 2018, 14:30 - 17:30 In the seminar, we will talk about IA from a human-centered perspective, and the White Paper Artificial Intelligence at the service of the citizen, elaborated by the IA Task Force (available at

Marco Bani, Communication Manager of AgID Antonietta Mira, Director of the Data Science Centre of the University of Lugano, who will address the role of big data in the creation and use of correctly constituted databases that guarantee quality and intelligibility. 

Gianmarco Veruggio, Research Director of the Institute of Information and Telecommunications Engineering of the CNR and founder of the Robotics School, will continue the work by focusing on the skills at the time of Artificial Intelligence with an insight into the increasingly complex skills required by the interaction between human beings and AI.

How to prevent inequalities and reduce any social, economic and cultural gaps through the support of "intelligent" digital assistants will speak Giulia Baccarin, Managing Director I-care and Co-founder MIPU followed by Paolo Benanti, Professor of neuroethics, bioethics and moral theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, who will propose a reflection on ethics that keeps together the protection of privacy and transparency, openness and sense of responsibility.

The panel of experts Derrick De Kerckhove, Scientific Director of Media 2000 and of the TuttiMedia Observatory, will close with a complete reflection on the human being: how to build an imaginary shared with respect to IA and other emerging technologies, without false alarmisms or unconditional adherence? 

 The interval between the speeches of the discussants will be the quotas and thoughts of the White Paper, while at the end of the proceedings will be a two-way dialogue between Antonio Samaritani, General Manager of AgID and Maria Grazia Mattei, Director of Meet the Media Guru. The official hashtag of the Artificial Intelligence focus. 

Opportunitiesand challenges for citizens and administrations is #Challenge. Those who cannot be in Rome can follow the meeting through streaming on the home page of the site - - or on the FB Meet the Media Guru page.


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