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13/09/2017 - Courses for Teachers, Projects

Guardian of the Coast: A project of citizen science for high school

Guardian of the Coast: A project of citizen science  for high school
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Guardian of the Coast is a project funded and promoted by Costa Crociere Foundation which School of robotics is partner of. More tha 200 Italian schools will be committed to monitor the Italian coast lines to evaluate the state of the coasts and of the sea.

Guardians of the Coast (Guardiani della Costa).

Free training for teachers and students. Curriculum subjects applied on the field. Guardiani della Costa is a real educational project that is part of the educational path of high schools (Alternanza Scuola Lavoro ). To make the most of all the potential, digital resources such as the website and the free App will be made available. These tools will allow hundreds of students from all over Italy to access methods of investigation and study of the coast, share the results and effectively become guardians of a stretch of coast and sea of their own country.


Guardians of the Costa embraces the philosophy of citizen science - or citizens' science - proposing a series of initiatives to responsibly involve the public in scientific activities. Guardians of the Coast is a project that is published on the MIUR's website "Protocols on the Net" because it is the object of a Memorandum of Understanding between the MIUR, Costa Crociere Foundation and Scuola di Robotica.


The project is free of charge. Teachers of the Institutes enrolled will be offered training days certified by Scuola di Robotica, MIUR Accredited agency for Training. Students who participate will be able to use the working hours on the Guardiani della Costa project for the “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro”. Pre-registration: Higher education institutions (your teachers) can now send the pre-registration in order to ensure that their team has reserved the enrollment.


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